Thursday, May 26, 2005

Today is Sarah Day

My 18-year-old sister has decided today is Sarah Day. I read it in her day planner, which she had left out on the kitchen table. In the space beside May 26, she had written "Sarah Day." She even put a couple of stars and an exclamation mark beside it like this: *Sarah Day!*

We've been planning to spend a day together for a few weeks. It took me that long to wear her down and convince her to skip school for the day (she's in Grade 12). You would think it wouldn't take much arm-twisting to get a teenager to play hooky from school. But then you don't know Hilary. She is a straight-A student who spends most of her time doing homework.

Sarah Day begins with a couple of smoothies. Then we're going to grab a coffee. We're going to walk over to Bloor West Village and check out the funky clothing and jewelry stores. We might hop on the subway and head downtown for more shopping. But that's Hilary's idea and today is Sarah Day, not Hilary Day. Then we're having dinner at a Thai restaurant, followed by a movie. It's going to be a non-stop Sarah and Hilary hang-out marathon.

Anyway, I've got to get going on those smoothies. Sarah Day starts in less than 1/2 hour.

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