Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Pimp my blog

Apparently, I can be bought. And apparently, I am very cheap. All it takes is a few Tim Hortons gift certificates and some dark chocolate to win me over.

A few months ago, I wrote about how people were using my blog against me. It was a little disconcerting to have family and friends throwing my words in my face in the middle of a conversation “Yeah but in your blog you said [insert random incriminating statement here].”

I figured if people took what I wrote that seriously, I might as well twist it to my advantage. So I jokingly suggested that if I wrote about how much I loved Tim Hortons gift certificates and dark chocolate, maybe people would start sending me Tim Hortons gift certificates and dark chocolate.

Well guess what happened? People actually started sending me Tim Hortons gift certificates and dark chocolate! Well, two people did anyway.

The first wad of gift certificates arrived shortly after my birthday, tucked inside a card made out of a box of Timbits. They were from a guy in Toronto I have never met.

And then yesterday, another reader sent me $5 worth of gift certificates and a bar of dark chocolate. They were from a guy in Waterloo who says he reads my blog (very closely I might add, as the chocolate he sent was my favourite -- 70 per cent cocoa).

Both times, these strangers made my day. But I think I set the bar too low by asking for gift certificates and chocolate. Had I known that people would actually take me seriously, I would have asked for a new stereo, a new computer, a new couch, a cycling vacation in Italy and a potato masher.

Just google my name to find out where I work and the mailing address. No, don’t. I’m just kidding. . . or am I?


Nicole said...

You're shameless, Marchildon!!!

Sarah said...

Not so much shameless as opportunistic!

I am kidding though. If someone were to send me a new computer, I'd have to send it back ;)


Sarah said...

....but Tim Hortons gift certificates and dark chocolate would still be okay.

Callie said...

Too funny! I love 70% dark as well, I tried this organic stuff over on the Sunshine coast, YUM. Tim Hortons, not so much, although I think that is a back-East thing.

Ah the power of the internet...

Kathryn said...

so if I start talking about how much I love KitchenAid standing mixers, one might miraculously appear on my doorstep? cool

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I'd go for a new road/tri bike! Maybe I should start my own blog!!


Sarah said...

This is, by far, the best (unintended) thing about having a blog. The feedback and the interaction with people, especially people I've never even met, who read my blog has been so much fun for me.

Blogging makes for a pretty rewarding (literally) hobby.

Who knew?


thestraightpoop said...

A potato masher? Had I known, I would have brought you one today!! Man, I should ask for things too.

Anonymous said...

you should turn your hobby into a business - oh yes, it does get much, much better :)

joanie cash said...

I agree - turning a hobby into a business is so rewarding! The money may take a while to come but in the longrun it's SO much better and pretty SWEET!!