Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Word to my brother

Those of you in Toronto who will actually be awake at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning should tune in to Breakfast Television on CityTv.

My brother is going to be on the show to help promote the Canadian Floorball Championships. He’s playing in a demonstration game and CityTv will be there to capture it all live on camera.

The tournament takes place at the University of Toronto this weekend and my brother is playing for some Swedish team. He’s not Swedish or anything. They were just desperate for extra players. And desperate for publicity, which is why I agreed to write about it in my blog. Which is pretty nice of me considering that my brother refuses to read my blog because, as he so eloquently puts it, “I don’t want to know what you think.”

I had never even heard of floorball until today when my brother emailed me to tell me about it. I had to write back to ask what floorball was (I had initially confused it with foozeball). Even though you’ll never read this, good luck Daniel!


Anonymous said...

ok, so i had no idea what floorball was either but thanks to daniel i am now much more knowledgeable about this sport! i sure hope someone tapes breakfast television and sends it to me!!!!

Sarah said...

Did anyone catch the show? I'd love to know how it went.


Anonymous said...

[Commenting on behalf of Daniel Marchildon, who emailed the following report:]

Hey Sarah,

It was pretty good, less people and cameras than I thought though, just one camera and a few technicians.

I've taped it so I can't wait to see how it turned out after I get off work. I hope I'm on. They were there for like an hour, but there is going to be only about a few minutes airtime for the entire thing after editing.

Jen Valentyne (the live eye reporter) actually looks better and more bubbly in real life. She suited up the pads to play goal for a bit, though I unfortunately missed that segment.

Actually I've been checking your blog page regularly since I suggested you write about it. It's a good entry, I'll let everyone know although I'm sure they read the Hollywood North Report already I was going to comment, but then I'm like nahhh..