Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Riding the Stroumboulopoulos rollercoaster

So this is, what, my fifth post about George Stroumboulopoulos in the past two months? I’m starting to feel like the president of his fan club (or an obsessed stalker) but I’m not. Honestly. I just think he’s the shit, that’s all.

I wasn’t even planning on writing about him again. But he practically begged me to. Sort of. At the end of his show last week, he announced he’s taking The Hour on the road for a week in Vancouver next month.

The first time he mentioned this, I decided to invite him out for a beer while he was in town. Then I found out he had a girlfriend, and I changed my mind. Faster than a pancake on a hot griddle, I’m flip flopping once again.

This time Strombo explained that the show will have to be taped early in Vancouver because of the time difference. Then he went on to say that means he’ll have a lot of free time in the evenings and if anyone knows of any fun stuff he should do, they should email him.

If that’s not code for “Hello, Sarah! I’m coming to town and I want to party with you!” then I don’t know what is. How could I say no to a request like that? Hey, if the guy is begging people in Vancouver to show him a good time, I'm not going to turn him down. Sounds like someone's relationship is in trouble. He asked for email so I sent him one:

To: George Stroumboulopoulos
From: Sarah Marchildon
Subject: Compliments

Hey Guys,

The subject line is a lie. This isn't really a compliment but your website didn't have "Cool Stuff to Do in Vancouver With Me" listed as an option when selecting a subject heading.

Anyway, if you folks are looking for fun stuff to do in the evening while you're in Vancouver in April (as George requested on the show last Thursday), I'd be happy to be your tour guide.

I work at the David Suzuki Foundation and could see if David is free for drinks one night. Or you could just hang out with me. I'm way more fun (and better looking) than him!

Keep up the good work.


By the way, the part about asking David Suzuki out for drinks isn’t exactly true. David Suzuki doesn’t drink. Plus he won’t be in Vancouver in April. But the part about me being more fun and better looking, that’s true. Well, depending on what your definition of “fun” and “better looking” is, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I think you should invite George to swim with the English Bay Swim Club! That would so make it on tv. Plus, you'd get to check out George in his skivies which could be a good or a bad thing...I'm thinking it might be kind of bad. But it could be fun!

misschief said...

remember sarah, george doesn't drink either. so there is no hope to get him all drunk and have your way..... i mean not that that is something i would ever have thought of.......or you would ever do.;-)
he likes blues music, and books. something to go on?

Anonymous said...

How could anyone turn down an offer like that? Looking forward to reading all about George and Sarah's Excellent Adventures. Good luck! -K

Callie said...

LOL! I'm impressed girl, you've got guts! You only live once, right? I look forward to seeing the response!

Ron Foreman said...

Hi Sarah,
I too love GS but only as an entertaining TV host. We need more GS on TV.
But the real reason for writing to you is this: I typed "David Suzuki on the hour" into Google and you are the only one that came up. I saw DS on The Hour and emailed GS about getting a transcript of DS' remarks. His assistant replied that they didn't have the technology to do that yet. Do you know where I could get a transcript of David Suzuki's remarks on the Hour?
Ron Foreman

Sarah said...

I was watching The Hour last night to see if they'd read my email (they read emails on the show sometimes). They didn't. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything back. I like the idea of inviting him for a swim with the English Bay Swim Club!

As for getting a transcript of the show that David was on, sorry but I can't help you out on this end. That's totally a CBC thing. Try contacting a producer directly (there's a phone number on the website). They give out transcripts all the time for The Nature of Things. I don't see why they can't do that for The Hour. Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

by the way sarah, since you didn't acknowledge me in your response to my comment, i would like you to know that it was i, your sister jane, who suggested swimming with george!

Sarah said...

Hey Jane,

Maybe if you didn't post as "anonymous," I would know it was you ;)


Anonymous said...

George knows.

see the 'Backbench' cartoon in the weekend review section of the Globe and Mail.

seriously though, he likes bikes so you may tempt him with a granville island tour while wandering by john valk bmw and carter motorsports. maybe top it off with a meal at the black swan.