Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Reading David Suzuki's hate mail

One of the highlights of working at the David Suzuki Foundation is getting fan mail. Like the gem below that was emailed in today. This person rocks. This is exactly the kind of out-of-the-box thinking we should all aspire to.

From: (name withheld)
To: Sarah Marchildon

Dear who ever you are,

I would like to make a statement!!! My statement is this, David Suzuki is an economic terroriste. I think it is bull tht he tells people on t.v. comercials not to eat meat. People can eat what ever they want!!! Just because people eat a little bit of meat or even a whole lot, tht won't hurt the envirroment!!! And saying tht the world is over populated, CRAP!!!
And also, saying tht S.U.V.s are harmful to the envirroment, which they very well might be, and then driving one himself, well I mean come on!!! Also his fruit fly experiment, what a load of CRAP!!!! If he wants peopple to listen to what he has to say and proove tht what he is doing is good for the envirroment, maybe he should make it believable and acctually try somehting worth doing, like I mean one person isn't going to save the world, even if one person could, tht person certainly wouldn't be David Suziki!!
Tht is all!!!!


taminator1969 said...

I recall similar gems like this from disgruntled readers during my ink-stained days.

It's amazing that no matter how valid the person's argument was, they instantly lost credibility if their writing was filled with spelling and grammatical errors.

The way I used to look at it was at least they were reading the newspaper. :)

Sarah said...

Good point!

-- Sarah