Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bowling showdown: Gay vs. straight

In this age of corporate restructuring and downsizing I take comfort in knowing that if I ever get fired, I have a bright future on the pro bowling circuit.

I don’t know how else to put this – I am an awesome bowler.

Discovered this useful fact (must remember to update skills section of resume to include "awesome bowler") when a group of us from the English Bay Swim Club went bowling after swim practice last night.

We divided ourselves into two teams of five. Since there were five gay people and five straight people, it immediately became a gay vs. straight showdown.

Because bowling is traditionally considered a "straight" past time, some worried this might give Team Straight an unfair advantage. But when a member of Team Gay showed up with a pair of his own bowling shoes, it was game on.

In the first game, Team Straight got spanked by Team Gay but we rallied to deliver our own ass whopping in the second game. I would like to point out that yours truly had the highest score in the second game. I was pulling strikes and spares out of my pocket like I was…um…uh…oh, never mind. I was going to insert the name of a famous bowler but none came to mind. Are there any famous bowlers?

The best thing about bowling is that the more you drink, the better you get. Unfortunately, alcohol is not a performance-enhancing drug when it comes to swimming. Sunday morning swim practice is a good hangover cure, though.

On a completely unrelated note, I hope Arrested Development wins something at the Golden Globes tonight. It’s one of the most fresh, clever, original and funny shows on TV these days. Unfortunately, it’s got low ratings and critics love it (a recipe for cancellation). Maybe another award will keep it on the air a little longer.

Speaking of TV, I’m halfway through an Office marathon. Bought the first and second season of the BBC’s bloody brilliant The Office on DVD. Funny, funny shit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah: Great blog, it was a pleasure running with your in the 2004 Canadian Blog Awards Non-Political category. Blog on! Bene D

taminator1969 said...

I assume this was 10-pin bowling and the five-pin variety?

Fans will admit the best bowling movie ever is Kingpin, starring Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid. As a matter of fact, I have a copy of it on DVD sitting on my shelf. (Was that my outside voice?)

P.S. I once owned a pair of bowling shoes, too, but that was back in high school and was the result of a dare during an infamous bowl-and-dash incident. (Dang, I make a good getaway driver.)

Anonymous said...

Two words: Rent Kingpin. -K

Sarah said...

I'm always looking for good movies to rent so thanks for the tip :)

p.s. It was five pin bowling. And we had to score with pencil and paper (no fancy computers at this joint). This may explain my high score ;)

-- Sarah

Carlos said...

Love the office. such a good show. me and a couple coworkers that start at 0700, before anyone else, watch it in the mornings. good laugh.

Sarah said...

I can't stop talking about The Office, so much so that I think I might have to write an entire post about it. It's got this bleak and depressing undercurrent but it's so hilarious at the same time. It's brilliant. The writing is brilliant, the acting is brilliant. I'm in love with Gareth. Yes, I think I will have to write a post about it.

Sarah "office addict" Marchildon

Brian Lavery said...

Sorry but Arrested Development is not funny.
I'm not saying that YOU are not funny, because you are. However, I am somewhat disappointed in your enthusiasm for such a weak show.
Please continue with your reviews as you might improve.
Thank you for being so professional in accepting this criticism.

Brian Lavery