Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just because they found a bag of blood with Jan's name on it doesn't mean it's his

Shit, shit, shit. The Tour de France hasn’t even started yet and the whole race is imploding because of a massive blood-doping scandal.

It's bad enough that Alexandre Vinokourov, one of the race favourites, could be kicked out of the Tour because of his team's starring role in the doping allegations. But it's even worse now that my big German boyfriend has been linked to the whole sorted mess.

A Spanish newspaper story said investigators found a bag of blood with the name “Jan” on it. Ullrich denied the allegations. He’s been cleared to race because there was no hard evidence, only newspaper speculation. But the damage has been done. My man’s good name has been dragged through the mud.

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks he’s been framed. The cynic in me thinks he’s guilty. The protective girlfriend in me thinks NO ONE MESSES WITH MY SWEET BABY AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!!

This could seriously shake up the race. When I said the 2006 Tour de France was going to be exciting, this wasn’t what I meant.

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