Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shock and awe for real, yo

The craziest thing just happened. I haven’t been this excited since Santa brought me a Cabbage Patch Kid.

So I get home from work around 8:30 tonight. I walk into the living room and flip on the television to catch the last half of The Hour. Then I go into the kitchen and start cooking dinner. I’m sort of half-listening to the show while trying not to let the chicken burn.

Twenty minutes later, dinner is ready. I bring the food out into the living room. I’m sitting cross-legged on the couch, eating chicken caesar salad, watching George wrap up his show. I don’t turn the channel after it’s over because that’s when Claire Martin delivers her weather forecast and I kind of have a (non-sexual) thing for Claire Martin.

Normally, Claire stands in front of a large computerized image of Canada. But tonight she was standing in front of a massive screenshot of the Google homepage. She started giggling and said someone at the CBC found a very interesting website when they googled "George Stroumboulopoulos loves Claire Martin."

About a quarter of the way down the search results, there was a highly visible link to my blog. My jaw dropped and my fork hit the plate. My mind started racing.

"Oh my god. Don’t tell me she’s going to click on the link. Oh my god. She just clicked on the link. Oh my god. That’s my blog. Oh my god. Claire Martin is reading my post about how much I love her on national television. Oh my god. My blog is on Newsworld. Oh my god. Claire Martin thinks I’m a crazy Internet stalker. Oh my god."

It was surreal. There was Claire Martin standing in front of a giant image of my blog! It took up the entire TV screen. You could clearly see the headline "My (non-sexual) crush" and the photo I took of her. I felt so exposed.

I mean, I kind of expected that she’d Google herself and find out about my crush but I never thought she’d broadcast it on her weather forecast!

I was so shocked I barely heard what she was saying. Something along the lines of: "Ha, ha. This is so weird. I can’t believe how crazy bloggers are. Crazy! Ha, ha. Okay. Now for the weather."

The whole thing probably lasted less than a minute. But you know what? This is exactly why Claire Martin is so cool. Who else would do this? My girl crush has exploded into full-on love.

I almost thought I imagined the whole thing until my friend Colette phoned from Calgary, screaming, "Were you watching Newsworld? Your blog was on Claire Martin’s weather forecast!!!"

It was weird when the National Post ran a story about my ass. But this? This is crazy.

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