Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thoughts on the Olympic Winter Games

I just can't get excited about the Winter Olympics.

Hockey, curling, bobsledding, speed skating. It's all a bit of a snoozefest. Too much ice, not enough speedos.

I've always thought of the Winter Games as the poor cousin of the Summer Games.

Swimming, triathlon, track & field, the marathon, cycling. These are sports that make my pulse race.

I will stay up all hours of the night obsessively following the Summer Games. I will track Ian Thorpe's every race, cheer on my boyfriend Jan Ullrich and bite my nails until they bleed during the triathlon. But when it comes to the Winter Games, I'll only tune in if there's nothing else on.

I don't mean any disrespect to the athletes who will be competing in Turin over the next two weeks. I fully appreciate how much hard work, sacrifice, discipline, fortitude and talent it takes to get to that level. But pouring all that effort into a sport like hockey or curling is beyond me.

So, go Canada. Or don't.

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