Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rooting for Obama in Obama, Japan!

I'm spending the weekend in Obama, Japan. And I am going there for no other reason than to cheer on Obama the man in Obama the town.

Obama, a fishing village of about 32,000 people on the Sea of Japan, has gone Obama crazy. Local businesses are selling Obama headbands, Obama fish burgers, Obama chopsticks, Obama t-shirts and Obama bean cakes. All stamped with Barack Obama's portrait.

Even the town's pachinko parlour is getting in on the action by changing its name from "The President" to "The President Obama." But perhaps no one is more excited about Obama than the mayor of Obama (as evidenced by his enthusiastic fist-pumping in this awesome video).

Some local residents have created an Obama theme song and an Obama dance. I've memorized the lyrics to the song ("Laaa. La-la-la-la. O-ba-ma!") but the dance steps are a bit more tricky.

My friend Aiko and I are taking the first train to Obama on Saturday morning. I don't think I've ever been this excited about a weekend road trip ever! Laaa. La-la-la-la. O-ba-ma!

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