Tuesday, July 11, 2006

George goes to America

Remember the controversy over the CBC’s decision to bump The National to a later timeslot in order to air -- gasp! shock! horror! -- an American reality TV show?

Well, the story gets a little more scandalous with the announcement that -- gasp! shock! horror! -- George Stroumboulopoulos is hosting the show.

Yep, our favourite black-shirted boy has moved to L.A. to host an American reality TV show. The show is called The One: Making a Music Star and it features a bunch of musicians in tube tops and low-rise jeans bitch-slapping each other for a recording contract. Or something.

Is this the beginning of the end? Is George Stroumboulopoulos about to become the next Ryan Seacrest? Or, even worse, the next Ben Mulroney? Will he steal Angelina away from Brad? And, more importantly, will the American tabloids spell his last name correctly when he does?

In case you’re wondering if this means George’s days at the CBC are numbered, don’t worry. George isn’t heading south for good. He says the Hollywood gig is only temporary and will return home in the fall for another season of The Hour.

You’ve got to admit it seems like a strange career move for a guy who made a name for himself by railing against manufactured pop stars. All of a sudden American Idol’s biggest critic is hosting a TV show that will pump out another Kelly Clarkson?

Some people might accuse him of selling out. Others might accuse him of being a hypocrite. But not me! I think George should do whatever the hell he wants and if this is what he wants that’s fine with me.

The show premieres Tuesday July 18.

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