Thursday, April 13, 2006

Juice-box wine

I was so excited to learn that they’re finally going to start selling single-serving size boxes of wine in Canada. But then I found out you can only get them in Ontario. As a result, this was both the highlight and the lowlight of my day.

I love the idea of little 250-mililitre boxes of wine. It would be nice to have a glass of wine with dinner but I almost never do because I don’t want to open an entire bottle of wine just for myself. Juice-box wine is a victory for cheap, single people everywhere!

I wonder if the mini wine boxes come with little straws that are wrapped in plastic and glued to the side of the box like real juice boxes? Or are you supposed to pour the wine into a glass? Would anyone notice if I packed one of these in my lunch box? I guess I’ll never know. Sigh. And double sigh.

Then again, maybe someone in Ontario will read this and pop over to the liquor store to pick me up a case (only $13.95 for a four-pack!) and drop it in the mail. That would be awesome.

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