Monday, January 16, 2006

27 days of rain

We were so close. Just two more days of rain and we would have broken the record. But the sky cleared yesterday after 27 consecutive days of rain. So the old record -- 28 straight days of rain in 1953 -- still stands.

I'm more depressed about missing the record than I am about the rainy weather. I was rooting for rain all weekend. I was actually annoyed when the sun came out. It's like quitting a marathon with two kilometres left in the race. All that suffering for nothing.

The worst part is that it rained briefly in downtown Vancouver yesterday but it didn't rain at the airport where the official rain gauge is kept. If it doesn't rain at the airport, it doesn't count for the record keepers. So now we have to start all over again.

In a cruel twist of fate, it has been pouring rain all day today.

The sogginess isn't really that bad, though. I'm not about to jump out of my apartment window. Mostly because I live on the first floor and jumping out the window wouldn't accomplish much. I'd probably just twist an ankle.

Besides, it's January not July. It's cold and dark outside. It's not like we'd be lying on the beach or sipping mojitos on a patio if it wasn't raining. It would have been cool to break a record and end up in the history books. I'm really choked up about this.

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