Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Neither wicked nor awesome

Sometimes something is so good, so cool and so utterly and absolutely brilliant that it can only be described one way: wicked awesome.

The expression is not to be used lightly. It is reserved only for those rare occasions when the sheer wickedness and awesomeness of the thing makes all other adjectives inadequate.

So it was a shock to find out that wicked awesome has now become a commonly misused expression. It’s about as descriptive as calling something "nice."

I was doing a Google search for "wicked awesome" and was amazed at the amount of non-wicked, non-awesome things it pulled up. Seriously. Try it yourself. Go to Google images, type in "wicked awesome" and take a look at some of the crap that comes up.

Like this picture of a goat.

The goat may be cute but it is not wicked awesome. I’ll tell you what’s wicked awesome -- curried goat. I used to work at the Sheraton Hotel when I was in high school and they served curried goat every day in the staff cafeteria. I didn’t understand why the dish never made it onto the guest menu. It was wicked awesome.

Someone out there thinks George W. Bush is wicked awesome. This photo also came up on my Google search. He may be wicked or awesomely wicked, but definitely not wicked awesome.

The most popular item in my Google search for all things wicked and awesome? Guns. Yes, lots and lots of people think guns are wicked awesome.

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of wannabe rock stars who consider themselves wicked awesome. Like these guys. Hey kids! You’re not wicked awesome if you’re playing Stairway to Heaven at your high school battle of the bands competition.

Some idiot called this eyesore wicked awesome. A stick figure? My friend's 10-month-old baby can draw better than this.

It's official. Wicked awesome is now devoid of all meaning.

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