Friday, July 15, 2005

An action-packed weekend

I’m taking a break from blogging for the next few days. My social calendar is suddenly booked solid. I usually pencil in lots of quality lazing around time. But every minute of every day is accounted for this weekend.

The insanity begins at the crack of dawn tomorrow when I meet Donna and Norm for a four-hour bike ride (okay, a two-hour bike ride and a two-hour coffee stop).

Then it’s back to my apartment with just enough time to shower, change and eat before Leandro and I hit the road to see Chris Isaak in Seattle.

Actually, the real reason we were going to Seattle this weekend was to compete in a three-mile race across Lake Washington. We booked the Chris Isaak tickets thinking it would be a nice treat after the swim. But the race was cancelled after a salmon derby was booked on the same day. I guess the race organizers worried we might get hit by a boat or tangled up in fishing line or something.

Leandro booked our Seattle hotel room, which makes me a little nervous because the last time I left him in charge of booking a hotel room, we ended up staying at a dumpy "inn" attached to an even dumpier "saloon" in Whitehorse. It was the first time I learned not all gay men have good taste.

If we survive the night at our Seattle accommodations, Sunday will be spent shopping and sightseeing. If we get back to Vancouver in time, Sunday night will be spent at my friend Paul’s housewarming party.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. On Monday night, a bunch of us are breaking out the glow sticks and the whistles to see Deep Dish play a four-hour set at Celebrities. (I’m kidding about the glow sticks and the whistles, by the way. The only thing we’ll be breaking out is the double shot of espresso to keep us awake.)

Whew! The weekend hasn’t even begun yet and I’m already exhausted.