Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Marchildon vs. Harper (in the court of public opinion)

Sometimes I wish Canada was a more litigious society, like the United States.

Remember the famous McDonald's case where Stella Liebeck purchased a cup of hot coffee, placed it between her legs, spilled it, scalded herself and was awarded $2.9 million for her troubles?

Yeah, pretty unlikely that would have happened in Canada.

Aside from the fact we’d never buy coffee from McDonald’s in the first place, we’re generally smart enough to open the lid of a steaming hot cup of coffee in a location other than between our knees. And we know a thing or two about “personal responsibility.”

But if we were a more litigious society, I’d be on the phone right now with my lawyer trying to sue Stephen Harper for giving me high blood pressure.

The front page of today’s National Post is once again devoted to the same-sex marriage debate. This time the news is about a new poll, which claims the majority of Canadians want to see the issue decided by a referendum.

No we don’t!!! Just pass the damn bill already. Oops, there goes the blood pressure again. Serenity now!

Here’s the kicker: the poll also asked for views on polygamy, once again reinforcing Stephen Harper’s idiotic hypothesis that somehow polygamy could end up being legalized in the wake of same-sex marriage legislation.

I understand that Stephen Harper is a politician and he’s just doing his job. But linking same-sex marriage and polygamy is intellectually and morally dishonest.

Same-sex marriage and polygamy have nothing to do with each other. Polygamy is illegal, and for good reason. Polygamists have forced teenage girls to drop out of school to become plural wives. Incest is rampant and women are denied basic rights. Polygamous marriages are rarely consensual.

When the federal government issued a call for research into the ramifications of polygamy last month, Stephen Harper used it as evidence that the Liberals would legalize polygamy as well. He conveniently ignored the fact that the government was just trying to figure out what to do with the polygamous community of Bountiful, B.C.

Stephen Harper is fighting a losing battle. Twisting the facts and resorting to scare tactics are the actions of a desperate man.

My blood pressure can’t take much more of this. This is the last time I’m going to write about the same-sex marriage debate. Just tell me when it’s over.


Anonymous said...

Methinks you're a liberal, Sarah.

Sarah said...

How did you ever get that crazy idea :) At least you wrote liberal with a small "l."


Nicole said...

Amen and pass the pancakes!
I couldn't agreee more (with your post, not the liberal comment)

Carrie said...

Amen. Stephen Harper has become the worst sort of politician since he chose career status over party policies.

Blah...I can't stand politics anyway. But Harper is particularly slimy to me. What a jerk.

Sarah said...

At least he's not in power. And at least he's not as scary as George W.

-- Sarah (just trying to find the bright side)

Anonymous said...

well .. I think that he's well on his way to painting himself and his party into the redneck corner .. just to repeat something I'd read online yesterday, the vast majority of young Canadians (the future voting base of this country) have a very open mind on the matter and the more Harper pushes this, the further he is pushing these future voters away .. hopefully not all to the Liberal party though .. :\ .. yah Jack Layton!! oops .. err .. am I showing my political stripes here ..? :)