Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Introducing my so-bad-it's-good comic strip

Due to popular demand, I have posted one of my comic strips. This one was actually published. Sort of. It ran in the English Bay Swim Club's newsletter, which has a readership of about 20 people. Mostly my friends.

Anyway, the swim club hasn't put out a newsletter in about two years due to general apathy, so I have been toiling in even greater obscurity since then.

I've been trying to convince the communications director at work to run my comic strip in the office newsletter. I even brought in my portfolio. He laughed at me. And then laughed at my artistic ability, which peaked in Grade 5. I guess that means no.

I also used to write articles for the swim team newsletter, until the editor got tired of me handing in 2,000-word articles that had nothing to do with swimming.

This comic strip ran with a story I wrote about Provincials, which you can read here (the comic strip will make sense after you've read the story).


Anonymous said...

Hooray for the comic strips! Sarah makes the best comics. She used to make them for family member's birthdays! They were the best. I sure hope I get one this year!

Sarah said...

Yes, it's true. I drew comic strips to give as presents for family birthdays. Mostly because I was cheap ;)


Anonymous said...

You would be a hit here:


Sarah said...

I checked out the site and it sounds like a blast! Maybe I can check it out on my next trip to Toronto.

Plus I like the fact that 10 per cent of comic jam participants are women. That would be a great place to meet guys. Or maybe just high school boys.


Alan said...

A damn fine cartoon. You have a fan in San Francisco.

Sarah said...

Thanks Alan! It's not even one of my best. It was the only one I had scanned and hadn't erased from my computer :)


Sarah said...

Hey, I just had a thought. What's more boring than swimming? Comics about swimming!


The Black Rose said...

With a little more work (I couldn't tell the guys from the girls), you could go pro.

Funny story btw.