Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Caffeine withdrawal + family overdose = massive headache

Today is the first day in about five? seven? eight? years that I have not started the morning with some sort of caffeinated beverage. And now I have a massive caffeine withdrawal headache because of it.

I'm not intentionally trying to cut back on tea or coffee. I just kind of lost track of time and then when I realized I hadn't had my daily caffeine hit, it was too late in the afternoon. So I skipped it altogether. I'd rather have a headache and be able to sleep, than have a latte at 5 p.m. and be wired until 4 a.m.

Is it me or does time go by unnaturally quickly in Toronto? Everything's always in motion here. I kind of like the energy though. It's a nice change from Vancouver. Whenever I'm in Toronto, something's always happening from the minute I wake up until, well, now.

Like today. Woke up around 11 a.m., had breakfast, read the Toronto Star, drove my sisters to my dad's office so that they could help him shred some documents. Then I drove my dad to the local pool and drove myself to the far-away pool for a swim. I wanted to test out the facilities at the Etobicoke Olympium because that's where Nationals are being held in 2005. Plus, I love driving. I don't know if I should admit that. It might be a firing offense. But driving is so exhilarating. I'd probably feel differently if I actually owned a car and drove all the time.

Anyway, got yelled at during public swim because I was swimming in circles (I thought that's what you were supposed to do at public swim). The lady and her son sharing my lane wanted us to split the lane so that they could float on their backs while I swam 100s.

"You swim on your side. You stay out of our side," she yelled at me in broken English. God I hate public swim.

Let's see. What else? Drove back to my dad's office. Had lunch. Picked up my sisters who were surfing the internet instead of shredding documents. Drove them home, where we spent a couple of hours sitting on the couch. At one point, my 17-year-old sister, who was doing an ab workout on the floor, was trying to explain what tea-bagging was to my 29-year-old sister. It went downhill from there.

After dinner, headed out to the King Street MEC to buy some last minute gifts, which I can't really talk about here as receivers of said gifts may be reading this blog. Then some more couch time with my sisters. Blogging and then bed.

As for tomorrow, rewind and replay. Someone hit the pause button. Please.


Royal*T said...

Sarah, what is teabagging? Don't forget to have caffeine tomorrow. I haven't had a cup of coffee in a bout 6 weeks...loads of green tea though.

Sarah said...

Google tea bagging and you'll find out. Just don't do it at work. As for green tea, it has caffeine in it too...so doesn't really count :)

-- Sarah

Royal*T said...

I just giggled like a teenager when I read what that means!! Learn something new every day indeed.

Green tea gives a gentler caffeine buzz, I find. Okay, off to be merry and deliver cookies. Too bad you aren't here - I have extras!