Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chasing cherry blossoms in Bonn

This is Cherry Blossom Avenue in Bonn (or Heerstraße as it's known locally). Each spring, this street is transformed into a tunnel of puffy, pink cherry blossoms. The trees were in full bloom this week and I headed out after work to take a few pictures.

Cherry blossom season is fast, fleeting and blindingly beautiful. Maybe it's banal to say the cherry blossom is my favourite flower. Maybe it's akin to admitting you like puppies and kittens (who doesn't?). But having a deep appreciation for life's transitory moments is something that resonates with me. And there is no more perfect metaphor for the fleeting nature of life than the pale pink cherry blossom. Blindingly beautiful and then gone.


Anonymous said...

Alpine wildflowers, granola gurls, mindblowing sunsets, cherry blossoms, warm summer evenings at the lake... all things beautiful & ephemeral become just a little more bittersweet as the years roll by...

... is that why it's such a gift in life to encounter the bitersweet covered so beautifully? (and that Blue Rodeo have made a career of it)

Check out this little gem from local treasure Hannah Georgas (

Thanks for the images. Made my day.

Sarah M. said...

Thank you for the comment. I am touched. And thank you for posting the video. Great song and a great talent!


Anonymous said...

I have lived for an year and a half in the Breite str. in the Altstadt and almost mistook your photos to be of that road instead. It was extremely nostalgic.

Anyway please do take a trip through Breitestr. during April or so, and verify my claim of it being so similar!

-George S.

Sarah M. said...

Hi George! It is very near Breitestr. The street in the photos above is Heerstr. Can't wait for the flowers to bloom again this spring. I'm obsessed with this street.


George Scaria said...
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Kah Soon Ang said...

Wow! Gotta plan a trip to Bonn before the end of my biz trip! I saw that the cherry blossom is in full bloom now, is that true? If it were, then I shall get a ticket to Bonn for it!

Sarah M. said...

Hi Kah Soon Ang,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the cherry blossoms peaked last week. There are still a few remaining blossoms but they have mostly fallen down :-( Here's a picture I took last Wednesday:


challengergirl! said...

Hai sarah. I live in Würzburg. I really want to see this beautiful cherry blossom. Can i ask u for help? Please let me know if the cherry ist in full bloom. i will go directly to bonn. Please.