Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On my way to Hong Kong

I'm spending the next six days in Hong Kong. It will be my second time in China. It will be my fist time in Hong Kong.

I don't really know what to expect. Hong Kong is always described in superlatives: The New York of Asia! The best skyline in the world! The most exciting city in China!

I haven't done much research beyond flipping through the Lonely Planet guidebook. Sometimes it's better to go in blind. Like going to a movie without having seen the preview. If the movie turns out to be good, the surprise factor makes it that much sweeter. If the movie turns out to be bad, it's not that disappointing because you had no expectations to begin with. I go to Hong Kong with no expectations. I am open to any adventure that comes along.

If the trip seems spontaneous and last minute, that's because it is. My classmate Elena and I simply wanted to get out of Japan and into somewhere new for a bit. She found a great deal on tickets to Hong Kong. With our scholarship money sitting in the bank and classes on hold until April, we thought why not? (Sometimes I am blown away by how good my life is. This is one of these times.)

Hong Kong awaits!

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