Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mi love it bad!

By the time I leave Japan, I will be fluent in not one but two new languages. That's right. I'm studying Japanese by day and Jamaican by night.

One of my classmates and good friends out here is from Kingston, Jamaica. She has been teaching me all kinds of Jamaican slang. And not the stuff you hear in the movies. Oneika assures me that absolutely no one outside of Ocho Rios would be caught dead saying "Ayrie, mon" or "No problem, mon." That's strictly for tourists.

Here are a few of my new favourite expressions, which I use on a daily basis here in Japan. Confusing the locals is fun!

1. Mi 'ungry bad! (I'm very hungry)

2. Dat ting deh tuff! (That [thing] is wicked awesome)

3. Mi buss (I'm full, my stomach is about to burst)

4. Mi love it bad! (I love it very much)

And my all-time personal favourite?

5. Bumboclaat (motherf*cker)

Learning Jamaican is way more fun than learning Japanese. Mi love it bad!

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