Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The anti-vacation vacation

I don't know about you but whenever I go on vacation, I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation.

I don't come back feeling rested and relaxed. I come back feeling drained and exhausted.

So this year, I'm doing something different. I'm taking my three weeks vacation and staying put. The anti-vacation vacation is the new vacation! Or something like that (the slogan needs a little work).

Vacationing at home isn't lame, it's liberating. There are no sights to see. No planes to catch. No suitcases to pack. No souvenirs to buy. No postcards to mail.

There's no pressure to go anywhere or do anything because you're not in a new and exciting environment. This is, quite possibly, one of the best vacations I've ever had!

That's not to say I'm doing absolutely nothing while I'm on vacation. I have a very busy schedule. I sleep in until noon. I walk to the video store and rent movies. I eat popsicles. I hang out with my unemployed friends. Actually, that last point is critical to the success of the stay-at-home holiday. It's much more fun when you have unemployed friends because they can do stuff during the week. It's like you're all on vacation together.

I'm also taking lots of little trips. My unemployed friends and I went to Kelowna on the weekend. While we were there, we entered a 5 km open-water swim race in Okanagan Lake. Despite a complete lack of training and preparation, I managed to place second in my age group (beat that, Michael Phelps!).

We also went hiking in the mountains near Chiliwack (yes, that is snow in August).

This weekend, my friend Annelle and I will be heading to Penticton for three days of cycling, swimming and camping in the Okanagan. After that, my final week of vacation will be spent relaxing in Vancouver.

The awesomeness of Summer 2008 continues . . .

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