Monday, May 12, 2008

A photo that needs no caption

I felt a little pervy about pulling out my camera and taking this picture. But then I figured if it was okay for these showboaters to sunbathe on a public stage, then it was okay for me to take their picture and post it on the internet.

I mean, if you're going to lounge around half-naked on an amphitheatre stage, you're going to get an audience.

Oh, Kitsilano. Never a dull moment.

Where else can you find skinny white people with dreadlocks playing hackeysack, girls with fake boobs carrying yoga mats, shirtless guys reenacting the beach volleyball scene from Top Gun, stoners sitting on benches smoking pot, bleached blondes wearing oversized sunglasses and shrink-wrapped outfits, and, of course, showboaters sunbathing on a public stage?

Douglas Coupland described the neighbourhood best when he wrote that Kits is "where all those beautiful, athletic, fun-loving, Jeep-driving beer drinkers" from the beer commercials live.

"Kits is so perky it almost begs the question, 'Does it have a dark side to it?' The answer to this may well be no, which in itself is a kind of darkness."

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