Saturday, May 12, 2007

The frogs outside my bedroom window

It’s rice-planting season in Japan and the paddies behind my apartment have been flooded with water. The fields, which were dry and barren all winter, are now teeming with life.

There are probably hundreds of frogs living in the rice paddies below my bedroom window. Every night, just after dusk, they serenade me with a chorus of croaking that goes on for hours.

The male frogs are the ones making all the noise. They croak to attract the female frogs. Once the female frogs arrive, the male frogs jump onto the backs of the females and start going at it. I’m very aware of the fact that I’m listening to one big frog orgy. It’s a nightly reminder that even frogs are having more sex than I am.

My little green neighbours are so loud that I have to wear earplugs to bed. Still, it’s a pretty amazing thing to hear. I even recorded a short video of it. Unfortunately, the video is really, really dark. You can make out a few lights from neighbouring houses but that’s about it (this ain’t Tokyo!).

But the audio is great. You can hear at least three different species of frogs. You can also hear at least one species of humans attempting a CBC-esque narration. Enjoy!

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