Friday, March 17, 2006

Learning French is fun! Especially when you have a hot teacher

I've spent the past week polishing my French, which has been left to rust in the far reaches of my brain.

I bought some books and CDs and took the week off work to completely immerse myself in the language. I locked myself in my apartment for five hours every day and did nothing but write, read and speak French. And for my final exam, I unleashed my (still rusty) French on a gorgeous Frenchman last night.

The Vancouver Francophone Cultural Centre puts on a free social event every Thursday night where you can practice your French with native-speakers. You just sit around a table with random strangers and chat. Of course, you can only speak French.

My friend Lorena convinced me to go with her last night. It was exactly the sort of practice I needed, especially because the guy I got to practice with was a dark-haired hottie from Nice.

Actually, it wasn't really good practice at all. His dazzling smile and sparkly eyes kept ruining my concentration. Instead of paying attention to what he was saying, I found myself thinking "I don't know what you're saying and I don't care. Just keep talking."

I had to tear myself away from him and talk to other (less attractive) people around the table in order to improve my French. I managed to last about an hour and a half before my brain felt like it was going to explode from the effort. But it was fun.

Lorena and I have decided to make this a regular Thursday night thing. Je voudrais aussi acheter des chaussures!

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