Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ben Mulroney: Call me

Why can’t Canada come up with a decent reality TV show? American networks have the Bachelor, the Apprentice, America’s Next Top Model and the Amazing Race. And the best we can come up with is “Making the Cut?”

Making the Cut is a CBC reality show about a bunch of wannabe hockey players trying to make a hockey team. Or something like that. I haven’t actually seen the show. But the commercials promoting it look pretty lame. People (and by “people,” I really mean me) do not want to watch a bunch of average Joes playing hockey. We want bitchy catfights, drunken hot tub parties and self-centered drama queens.

Here’s my question: If CTV turned American Idol into Canadian Idol, why can’t they use the same formula to create the Canadian Bachelorette? The ratings would go through the roof.

In fact, I’ll volunteer to be Canada’s first Bachelorette. Casa Loma could serve as my bachelorette pad. Ben Mulroney would be perfect as the host, helping me whittle 25 guys down to one.

I think I would make a great Bachelorette. I’m fun, cute, smart, athletic and totally photogenic. And I’m classy -- the producers of Blind Date rejected me for their show because I told them I wouldn’t get naked in the hot tub. Ben, if you’re reading this, call me. Let’s talk.

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Handsomefella said...

Hey Sarah:

Nice blog. Love the writing. Personal. Cool. People ask me weird things too. My biggest thing is that people always assume I work wherever I am. Restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, doctor's offices, you name it. People just assume I work there and act all pissy when I say I don't. Like they don't believe me or something.

"How much is this?"

I don't work here.

"My car won't start."

I don't work here.

"I think my arm's broken."

I don't frikken work here already!

So - you aren't alone. People are just messed up.